Instructions to play football betting at M88 online casino

This article will guide you to play football betting in M88 in detail for players. Here are the instructions on how to wager the football at the M88 online casino and how to view the football handicap and how to distinguish M88’s football betting types. Please follow this article.

Step 1: Players must create an online betting account at M88

After accessing the link to M88 players, please see how to register M88 to make your account registration at this Malaysia online casino.

Step 2: Players need to deposit money into their M88 account

After the player has successfully registered for an account, recharge your account. The M88 bookie supports the banking systems in Malaysia so that the deposit will be quick about 5 minutes to have money in the account for players to book.

After the player has successfully registered for an account, recharge your account

Now players just have to play football at the M88 online casino. Please read carefully the steps of the M88 game instructions to avoid encountering unexpected problems.

Step 3: Players need to refer to football reviews and football tips

This is an important step if you are just taking part in online football betting. Our website specializes in providing in-depth analytical reviews about the big and small matches happening every day that players can read and read more.

Also should refer to football tips because tips are locked from the analysis as well as comments from football experts. Tips will sell for a high price but our website will provide free quality football tips for players.

Step 4: Place bets at the M88 dealer

On the home page of the M88 dealer, players should click [Sports] on the menu. The sports betting interface will appear on the new window of the M88 dealer website. To place bets on today’s football matches, menu row on the left-hand side, click [Today] >> [Football].

M88 offers players the method of withdrawing Local Bank Transfer

On the Menu bar in today’s matches, click to select the time [All] to get the full odds of the matches taking place today or according to the time required by the player. Players select today’s football matches to place bets.

Players just have to wait for the match result, if they win, they will be able to withdraw money to their account. To withdraw money, players just need to transfer their accounts from other funds to the main account.

M88 offers players the method of withdrawing Local Bank Transfer. Players can choose from multiple banks to withdraw money or can use the bank account registered in the deposit box of the dealer.

Does the house always win and why does the bet always lose? (Part 2)

So why does the bet always lose?

You wonder why betting is always losing when the fact that the house does not cheat?

Because you’re unlucky: Or more precisely, you’re unlucky. Because you are participating in games of chance, maybe luck, maybe risk, then it is not strange that you are not lucky. Enjoy, there is nothing to worry if you know how much you bet and are willing to pay it or not. The following reasons only help to explain partly and how to limit your bet, and have played the game of chance, you should not hope to understand the principles, because there is no rule here.

Bets that do not remain fixed: A lot of players start very calmly, the bets remain relatively stable. But when they continually lose or win in a series, bets begin to dance like drunken rakes. When you bet without limits on yourself, and you only need to lose 2 to 3 ‘missed hands’ big bets, sometimes more than half of the capital you wear on the hat. At this point psychology also began to panic, and so on and so forth. 10 minutes later you are bewildered with an empty account and don’t understand what you did wrong.

Too greedy for the high odds bet: A lot of people only take care of these bets, for example, the triple bet in Sicbo pays 180 times, the draw in Baccarat pays 8 times while the two remaining Again in this game only 1 time. In fact, the advice of long-time players is that if you are new to the bet, forget these bets, even in Baccarat, anyone is advised to NEVER bet on the draw. Usually people only bet on these betting options with winnings.

You are seeking relaxation, it is the chance of these games to bring you relaxation. Win some money, you have money and relax. But if you lose, you still have to relax. Do not try to understand the rules of the game win or lose intent to profit because there is no rule.

The secret to determining the best odds in 188bet (Part 2)

Basis for performing the process of analyzing odds

When conducting the analysis of the odds, the player needs to have the basic reasoning to be able to base on that accurate determination of the percentage of balls in the net during the match.

First you need to go into learning about the issues surrounding betting activities of how this game is going on. Then you rely on all the information gathered, players need basic information to successfully complete the first task to make it easier to learn about the odds.

To complete this task, it takes a good amount of time to search for important information (Player status, pitch situation, weather. This is the most basic information that we want players to learn carefully.

The most important factor when determining odds

There are many betting players who have found themselves a right direction to achieve success for themselves. In order to analyze the odds, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the basic numbers that reputable football bookmakers initially offer.

Next you keep an eye on the amount of change in these numbers plus the changes that may occur before a match takes place, applying the formula to calculate the odds in a professional manner.

In order to offer the most comprehensive odds, you need to have a comprehensive viewpoint that can reflect the whole operation of members of the online dealer. This will help you confirm your position when betting in 188Bet online casino. Especially need to know what is the 188bet dealer, how to register 188bet, withdraw money, deposit 188bet, etc.

We hope that with all the above methods of determining the above odds, all betting players joining Malaysia online casino will be able to find their own right way in the present and in the future. Shortening the distance to success is the way you are looking for and we are looking for when it comes to football betting. Good luck!

Learn about football matchmaking experience to know how to choose the best bet when betting.

Does the house always win and why does the bet always lose? (Part 1)

This is a question posed by a large number of online casino players or betting games such as soccer betting.

The dealer accepts tens of thousands of bets every day, so why have the house never seen a loss? Did they interfere with the results, or were there any tricks to trick the players? Or the house always wins? Why does the bet always lose? Let’s look at some views of experienced players on this issue.

Is it true that the house always wins?

Back to the question of what a prestigious house is, as mentioned, the house is an international organization, operates legally and has special management and supervision agencies, not a spontaneous organization that likes whatever you do, you like to interfere here or there. Secondly, the house does not make the games itself, but rather the game provider publishes and distributes them to the dealers. The house uses the winning or losing results of these games, not production and the ability to interfere with the games. So there’s no way the house always wins.

So why not see the house default? This question is seen as eloquent evidence to break all arguments that the house does not cheat. The fact is that the house does not cheat, but they never or rarely lose capital. To explain this, first imagine the lottery companies. They sell a lot of lottery tickets, but only a few win, and of course they are always profitable and live well, living stably with the revenue earned after paying tens of billions of dong to the winner.

The bookies too, the game has its own probability. Have you ever wondered where the payouts come from in Roulette, Sicbo, Blackjack, Baccarat? It has been carefully calculated based on overall probability. 50 or a few hundred games does not represent this ratio, the result may be in favor of some bet. However, if hundreds of thousands of bets are placed at the house every day, after paying the winner correctly, the house is still profitable. In fact, in the end, the house always wins.

The best online casino slot machines in the US

Over the years, the United States has advanced when it comes to quality in the online casino industry. A large range of new slot machines and table games has been provided to meet the needs of large customers.

However, the restrictions affecting customers on casino and game industry issues are numerous. This is why players should briefly review local laws, state and federal laws and gambling rules to make a decision as to whether they can play in a certain online casino.

When it comes to online casino games in this country, a range of great online slot machines are provided. Web-based casinos in the United States are continually improving their services, choosing the best sound effects and graphics games to provide their customers with great gaming experience. There are also casinos that offer free online slot games to give players the opportunity to try their luck and skills against the machine.

The following casinos have an excellent reputation and are considered the most stable and online casino websites in the US:

All Slots Casino

All Slots Casino is one of the largest online casino websites for players in the United States. This site offers more than 650 different games, updated regularly. It also offers some of the best bonus offers, as well as bonuses suitable for large deposits of 100% up to US $ 500. All Slots Casino is also available for players who want to play on mobile devices and can run on devices using Android and iOS operating systems.

Royal Vegas Casino

Royal Vegas is a trusted and regulated place with a perfect reputation. The online casino offers a free player reward of US $ 1,200, which is considered to be one of the largest rewards ever offered by a web-based casino in the new player reward. This is just one of many great casino offers and customer support offers.

Europa Casino

Europa Casino is also one of the largest and most reputable web-based games, with game services amounting to more than 400. Moreover, new games are added regularly. Europa Casino is also one of the casinos that offers their customers a great new Playtech game option. This casino is completely safe and reliable, as it cares for its players very well and provides quick cash.

The secret to determining the best odds at 188bet (Part 1)

Before officially entering the betting table, players need to have for themselves the most basic information to be able to make accurate judgments to choose the market. This also confirms the importance of odds in 188Bet betting bookmakers.

So how to make the player can determine the exact odds in the most satisfactory way. Join us with some of the experts on this online betting method. This is a very useful source of information for those who have just entered the football betting industry today.

With an extremely standard odds that the betting house 188Bet offers, players can absolutely choose for themselves a standard number. During the betting process, you can make adjustments to the level of completion to apply on your table.

The 188bet bookmaker is a reputable bookmaker with 188bet instruction articles, the fastest access links, the 188bet cash withdrawal conditions … so you are completely assured of the credibility and quality amount of 188bet.

Method of determining odds at 188Bet

Because the total number of balls in the net of the match is quite close to the prediction of most players betting on the number of matches taking place today, players will have a lot of chances to win a lot of victories but not be clear and affirmative. But you also need to be aware of the current low value numbers.

To make an accurate judgment, you first need to get a more comprehensive and specific view than the development of the current football contract at 188bet.

One of the most basic manifestations is that players need to rely on the current strength and performance of the participating teams, the total number of goals scored by both teams to give a receipt. Accurate determination for myself. If you go into exactly those things, you have a very accurate and safe judgment.

Dafabet – the top online casino in Asia

The OpenOdds team has in-depth analysis of this book and has divided its findings into 10 main areas to consider.

We analyze all the online casinos according to this same criteria to give users a comprehensive view of each Malaysia online casino; That way, you can maximize your earnings and choose the safest and most user-friendly betting experience that fits your needs. Here are 10 types of tests.

01. Bonus program 7/10

02. Customer service 7/10

03. Incentives 7/10

04. Conditions of payment 7/10

05. Privacy 7/10

06. Odds 7/10

07. Availability 7/10

08. Live betting 7/10

09. Additional incentives 7/10

10. Limit of 6/10

69 / 100General results


Dafabet’s reward program 7/10 points

50% bonus on the first deposit

Bet € 80 for free

Just create an account

Submit a copy of a valid ID

Send the minimum amount

Dafabet’s sports betting reward is one of the best free betting deals checked by the OpenOdds team, you get up to 80 euros and a 50% bonus on your first deposit. However, you will have to take a few steps to get your reward.

To start using your free 80 euros, you first need to create an account with the sports betting site Dafabet. Then deposit money into your account, fill out the form on the ad page and send a copy of your valid ID to along with your Dafabet username.

After that, the process took place quite quickly: Dafabet reviewed and processed your request within 12 hours. Remember that you must claim your bonus immediately after making your first deposit (or before your first bet) After that, your bonus will be wasted.

It should also be noted that it must be your first deposit and you can only have one active reward at any time. Bet requirement is 35 times for odds of 1.80 and above. This offer is valid from August 1, 2016 to October 31, 2016.

Get to know what a reputable online casino is like?

The demand for the entertainment of people is constantly increasing, to meet the entertainment of everyone, so many online casinos have been created.

But not every online casino is reputable, you can choose to play peacefully. Here are the things that only a reputable online casino can help you identify and peace of mind when choosing to play casino easily.

For everyone who plays gambling, the experience of choosing a reputable and quality online casino must ensure the following criteria:

  • The interface of a reputable online casino website must be scientifically divided and easy to use for players.
  • The bookmaker’s odds are high and attract players.
  • Quick transactions and absolute safety.
  • Online staff guide enthusiastic service attentive.
  • The promotions and promotions are attractive to customers.

Casino operation license

All reputable online casinos have an operating license that the competent authority issues. And comply with 100% of the regulations required by the authorities to help the bookmakers increase their credibility. That’s why when you choose you should consider this problem because when you lose a bet is one thing and when you win and want to withdraw money is different, you often choose the house that is licensed to operate. can increase the credibility and ensure you more.

Products and services of online casino for customers

In order to meet the entertainment needs of all house owners, there will be many different forms and types of gambling to suit each person’s preference when participating in the online casino.

Passenger care service is also indispensable, always available 24/24 and customers can contact anytime by LiveChat to answer all the questions you have questions, this is the point players need to save. Italy before playing registration. Usually, in unreliable online casinos, there will not be or there will be no answer because no one has answered your questions.

Payment method of reputable online casino

The payment method is also very convenient to support you quickly and without any fee when you want to withdraw or deposit to join.

Revealing the popular online free casino bonuses today

Free online casino bonus, also known as free casino, is one of the bookmakers who have incentives for new members by rewarding free bets in several different types of cards or all post genres.

Most new players are interested in these offers from the house. So, do you know which online casino free bonus is popular right now? Let’s find out.

Bonus free online casino casinos are now popular:


Empire777 is a house specializing in casino and betting on famous sports games worldwide. When you are a new member of this house and participate in the card games here, you will be offered a bonus. With this free money, you can participate in playing poker, roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack… After earning a decent amount, you can withdraw real money to your personal account. Empire777 is rated as one of the most popular free bonus online casino house now.

Happy Luke:

Happy Luke is a well-known bookmaker in Asia that is being hunted by players for betting and entertainment, including casino. With Happy Luke as a new member, you will be rewarded with a bet for card games. With Happy Luke, you can play Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack and other slots games.


This is the prestigious bookmaker in the world of betting village today. W88 operates legally and offers players a wide range of cards, including Poker, Blackjack, Roulette roulette. Come to casinos with Macau or Lasvegas style, new players also get free money and free bets. 100%. In addition to giving wagers to card games, W88 also offers wagers to sports betting players.

Once you have the money in your account by playing online casino, you can withdraw real money to your personal account and use for other purposes.


Fun88 also has free bonus online casino casinos with attractive offers for players. As a new member of this house, you will be offered free bets on all types of cards that Fun88 offers to players. Fun88 has a wide range of card types including: Poker, Blackjack, roulette and many other lottery programs. In addition to the promotion policy for new players, Fun88 also launches regular promotions to attract customers.

The fast transaction and good security of M88 dealer (Part 2)

Only those who make the code or have access can decipher it, but for those who are not part of the duty, it is difficult to access.

Encrypting information does not mean that the information will not be stolen, there is a possibility that it will be stolen, not only will the thief not know nor read the contents of the file.

In addition, the house also uses the MD5 password encryption method, in order to optimize the security, avoid data entry, and peek at customer information.

The player’s information is guaranteed not to be disclosed without the order from the Supreme Court in the Philippines. No agency or organization may oblige the M88 dealer to disclose customer information or bets that have been or are being made by customers.

M88 operating license

Members will feel secure when participating in the game at M88.


The transaction procedure at the M88 dealer is quite simple and fast. You only need to fill in the form that the house has provided.

Mode of deposit

The M88 dealer has a variety of deposit methods, making it convenient for players to transact quickly, simply, and easily, while ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the players’ financial information discreetly.

Players can deposit money into the M88 account by transferring via sms, ATM or banking.

One of the most effective and quick ways to get involved is through bank accounts. The fastest time to deposit money on the M88 house is about 2 minutes and the latest is about 1 hour.

Methods of withdrawal

Currently at the M88 dealer, members can withdraw money in 2 ways as follows.

Time for members to complete the withdrawal process successfully is at least 2 hours, no later than 24 hours in the working day (excluding public holidays).

In order for the transaction to be successful, fast and convenient, you must provide accurate bank account information and registered name.

Dealer m88 is ranked among the fastest and most secure dealers. Join us to enjoy many other benefits from m88.