The easiest guide to playing poker in online casino

Are you a beginner to online poker and are you worried about how to play it? Don’t know when to withdraw when to continue? This article will guide you to play poker online in the most detailed way.

How to play Poker in an online casino?

First of all, a player must always remember that if you are not good at poker when playing on a 6-player table your chances of winning are very low. The number of hands they follow is only 30% of the hands in the table.

This makes sense because with 6 players the odds for you to have the best hand are only ⅙, so you should temporarily withdraw in hands where your hand is too weak and focus on new hands.

2-5 or 5-8 or 9-8

You should withdraw from the beginning. This is considered the lowest hand in poker, and if two cards are not of the same color, it is almost 98% you will lose.

If you have the same color, if you are extremely lucky you will have a very small uniformity and that way your win rate is not very high (below 50%). These cards cannot form straight and make too small pairs, retreating is the safest way.

3-7 & 2-6

These games, expecting to have a straight, are also very difficult to retreat.

3-9 & 4-9 & 2-9 & 5-9

Up to you, they are very good cards especially when they don’t have the same color. They can make an average pair of 9s, but it’s not very helpful. Should only play 5-9 when the same color, and not too risky in that game.


There is a pair of K or 1 A and a low card (not of the same color): It should not be considered a strong hand either, so your chances of winning are only hoping not to lose if you have a strong card like the other card. your. And when you even have a strong pair, your chances of winning are slim.

An Aces, K Pair, Q Pair, J Pair

Your chances of winning have come, your chances of winning are quite large when you have cards like this. show cards that do not have any stronger cards than you.

Above is a basic guide to playing online poker in Malaysia online casino. Good luck!