Does the house always win and why does the bet always lose? (Part 1)

This is a question posed by a large number of online casino players or betting games such as soccer betting.

The dealer accepts tens of thousands of bets every day, so why have the house never seen a loss? Did they interfere with the results, or were there any tricks to trick the players? Or the house always wins? Why does the bet always lose? Let’s look at some views of experienced players on this issue.

Is it true that the house always wins?

Back to the question of what a prestigious house is, as mentioned, the house is an international organization, operates legally and has special management and supervision agencies, not a spontaneous organization that likes whatever you do, you like to interfere here or there. Secondly, the house does not make the games itself, but rather the game provider publishes and distributes them to the dealers. The house uses the winning or losing results of these games, not production and the ability to interfere with the games. So there’s no way the house always wins.

So why not see the house default? This question is seen as eloquent evidence to break all arguments that the house does not cheat. The fact is that the house does not cheat, but they never or rarely lose capital. To explain this, first imagine the lottery companies. They sell a lot of lottery tickets, but only a few win, and of course they are always profitable and live well, living stably with the revenue earned after paying tens of billions of dong to the winner.

The bookies too, the game has its own probability. Have you ever wondered where the payouts come from in Roulette, Sicbo, Blackjack, Baccarat? It has been carefully calculated based on overall probability. 50 or a few hundred games does not represent this ratio, the result may be in favor of some bet. However, if hundreds of thousands of bets are placed at the house every day, after paying the winner correctly, the house is still profitable. In fact, in the end, the house always wins.