What casino games can you enjoy at W88 online casino?

Here are the most popular games you can enjoy at W88 online casino. Let’s check them out!


The rules of playing Baccarat are quite simple. Player can choose 1 of the 2 doors to bet on banker and player. Dealer deals cards into 2 doors. Your task is to select the door with the larger score and place a bet. If it is, you will win money.

It can be said that at W88 bookie, Baccarat is the most famous casino game. Every Baccarat table is hosted by a real Dealer. W88 not only owns Fabulous 4 Baccarat with a new way to pay up to 2: 1, but also is the first dealer to support 5% more win over Super 98 Baccarat.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to experience virtual reality Baccarat using the best simulated card dealing technology.


These cards have a similar gameplay style to the lottery. When the Dealer spins and drops the ball, you will place a bet on the box to predict where the ball will fall. There are many ways to choose: red, black, even, odd… The W88 dealer uses modern technology, close-up helps you track the spin and the path of the ball more accurately.


Sicbo is also known as Dice. In a table, you can choose to bet: even / odd, over / under, predict what dice number: 1-2-3-4-5-6, … Similar to Roulette, Sicbo at W88 also allows you to track the dice bouncing in the clearest, most realistic way through multi-angle technology.


If you are a fan of Poker game, immediately go to Club Palazzo to experience. Not only is it a game of chance, Poker also contains many tricks and tricks that players need to use their mind to increase the maximum win rate.

Dragon Tiger

This is one of the casino games with extremely simple rules. All you need to do is choose to place a bet at either Dragon, Tiger or Tie. When the hand is dealt, the hand with the higher score wins. If the Dragon and Tiger doors are equal then the person who bets on the Draw will win. If you want to play Dragon Tiger, please step into Club Palazzo to experience it!

2 ways to play Baccarat with the highest win rates (Part 1)

Playing Baccarat is a very familiar game for most players participating in betting. It is usually not too dependent on the factors of luck, most of which is using your intellect to win.

Baccarat is basically a simple prediction game. In the two-card game – Your child chooses to bet on a bet that he or she will win. In short, it is a bet on the door that has the closest score to 9.

If the winning hand is determined based on its total points, then there are several strategies based on the heads. However, its hard side is that when you get over 10 points, the second digit will cause difficulties when you predict.

In order to capture this captivating game, here we will help you to see the attraction of baccarat as ways to win yourself against baccarat.

Winning or losing rate when playing Baccarat online

Baccarat is a type of card game that is enjoyed by many players in most casinos, each betting player captures a strategy and tactics for themselves, no one has the same playing style. Today, playing Baccarat online without preparation is very easy to lose, but also those who play easy baccarat will usually win. So have you ever wondered why this is so or not?

As you know, Baccarat always has two doors: Player and Banker, the player places one of the two doors, the one with the higher score wins. Theoretically 5 – 5 (50-50). Winning or losing depends largely on the judgment of each person. Being a gambler playing baccarat online for real money, everyone is very confident in themselves and rarely hears sincere advice from other players.

This article will introduce you to the Baccarat gambling strategy with a winning rate of up to 80% of the reputable online casino members in the world today.

How to play Baccarat effectively

As you know, every game in Malaysia online casino has completely different gambling calculations and each technique will bring different effect. In Baccarat online similar, players also need to catch up well and apply the betting techniques to have the highest chance of winning.

The leading guide for playing online casino games

Discover tips to help you succeed and relax when playing online casino games.

If these rules are not followed, you risk losing all your money and possibly worse than that and this will increase stress, bad decisions will be made. So please read the instructions below, things are very simple and never be separated from them.

1) Remember do not gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. Online gambling is just a fun, a relaxing hobby, not a way to make money, so give yourself a certain amount of money you spend on your entertainment and stick with it.

2) Bet only half the amount you can pay for the game. It is not necessary to put all the money you have for 1 result so never put more than 50% of the money in one go.

3) Always happy with the outcome of each game. Do not try until you have a little profit because losing continuously is always a gambler.

4) Set a time limit for yourself. Don’t start playing and then realize that it’s 4 am and you have a meeting at 8. If necessary, set an alarm near you.

5) Don’t borrow money even if you plan to pay it back the next day.

6) Most casinos will let you set a limit on how much you spend, so if you have daily or weekly funds in mind, get in touch with them and they’re always happy to set up your account to It does not exceed the amount.

7) Use a separate credit or debit card to play online and only top up the amount you want to spend and online casinos.

8) Do not play when you are in a bad mood, stress or exhausted. You will not be able to fully enjoy the game and the decisions made are often wrong.

9) Think you will lose. Do not play in the hope that you will win money each game. A few times when you’re going up, think of them as bonuses and don’t be sad to be lucky to turn away from you.

10) Always fun! This is the most important guide. Playing online casinos makes no sense if you don’t like them. By following these instructions there is no reason if it is not an entertaining experience.