Does the house always win and why does the bet always lose? (Part 2)

So why does the bet always lose?

You wonder why betting is always losing when the fact that the house does not cheat?

Because you’re unlucky: Or more precisely, you’re unlucky. Because you are participating in games of chance, maybe luck, maybe risk, then it is not strange that you are not lucky. Enjoy, there is nothing to worry if you know how much you bet and are willing to pay it or not. The following reasons only help to explain partly and how to limit your bet, and have played the game of chance, you should not hope to understand the principles, because there is no rule here.

Bets that do not remain fixed: A lot of players start very calmly, the bets remain relatively stable. But when they continually lose or win in a series, bets begin to dance like drunken rakes. When you bet without limits on yourself, and you only need to lose 2 to 3 ‘missed hands’ big bets, sometimes more than half of the capital you wear on the hat. At this point psychology also began to panic, and so on and so forth. 10 minutes later you are bewildered with an empty account and don’t understand what you did wrong.

Too greedy for the high odds bet: A lot of people only take care of these bets, for example, the triple bet in Sicbo pays 180 times, the draw in Baccarat pays 8 times while the two remaining Again in this game only 1 time. In fact, the advice of long-time players is that if you are new to the bet, forget these bets, even in Baccarat, anyone is advised to NEVER bet on the draw. Usually people only bet on these betting options with winnings.

You are seeking relaxation, it is the chance of these games to bring you relaxation. Win some money, you have money and relax. But if you lose, you still have to relax. Do not try to understand the rules of the game win or lose intent to profit because there is no rule.