What casino games can you enjoy at W88 online casino?

Here are the most popular games you can enjoy at W88 online casino. Let’s check them out!


The rules of playing Baccarat are quite simple. Player can choose 1 of the 2 doors to bet on banker and player. Dealer deals cards into 2 doors. Your task is to select the door with the larger score and place a bet. If it is, you will win money.

It can be said that at W88 bookie, Baccarat is the most famous casino game. Every Baccarat table is hosted by a real Dealer. W88 not only owns Fabulous 4 Baccarat with a new way to pay up to 2: 1, but also is the first dealer to support 5% more win over Super 98 Baccarat.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to experience virtual reality Baccarat using the best simulated card dealing technology.


These cards have a similar gameplay style to the lottery. When the Dealer spins and drops the ball, you will place a bet on the box to predict where the ball will fall. There are many ways to choose: red, black, even, odd… The W88 dealer uses modern technology, close-up helps you track the spin and the path of the ball more accurately.


Sicbo is also known as Dice. In a table, you can choose to bet: even / odd, over / under, predict what dice number: 1-2-3-4-5-6, … Similar to Roulette, Sicbo at W88 also allows you to track the dice bouncing in the clearest, most realistic way through multi-angle technology.


If you are a fan of Poker game, immediately go to Club Palazzo to experience. Not only is it a game of chance, Poker also contains many tricks and tricks that players need to use their mind to increase the maximum win rate.

Dragon Tiger

This is one of the casino games with extremely simple rules. All you need to do is choose to place a bet at either Dragon, Tiger or Tie. When the hand is dealt, the hand with the higher score wins. If the Dragon and Tiger doors are equal then the person who bets on the Draw will win. If you want to play Dragon Tiger, please step into Club Palazzo to experience it!

An objective review of Bodog online casino

If you have not yet chosen an online casino to play, here I would like to introduce a fish house with a long reputation of all online casinos in the world. It is Bodog, a famous name in Europe’s top sports betting and online casino.

Real money betting has attracted players from all over the world to converge here. This bookie was founded in 1994 by Calvin Ayre – a casino in Europe. In 2012, Bodog entered the Asian market and entered Vietnam. Bodog has a legitimate and highly respected reputation in the gambling industry.

Bodog is a partner with the world-famous Arsenal team

Specializing in sports betting, Bodog is a partner with the world-famous Arsenal team. Possessing a wide range of sports betting and online casino games, Bodog has brought players an extremely interesting and engaging experience. Let’s better understand this famous house Bodog through the article below.

The interface of Bodog

Owning a sharp, bright interface with user-friendly mode. Bodog has shown the professionalism of this bookmaker. The images in the interface are designed very honestly, clear, and sharp to create the most real feeling for players when participating in betting here.

The fonts are designed, easy to read, and do not cause eye strain for players. The layout is very scientifically arranged to create the best conditions for players to use. The banner part of the interface is displayed by the system with hot news of the day and promotions, attractive taking place at this house.

Bodog also supports mobile version players, allowing players to access the game at all times even while going out, traveling, going home, or going to a cafe.

The betting products of Bodog

Bodog is a system of bookmakers that owns a wide variety of quality betting products, providing players with exciting and thrilling bets. With this Malaysia online casino, various types of betting can be bet anywhere, anytime.


With the above information, hopefully, the rookies will be more secure when choosing Bodog as their betting playground. Although not a very prominent name in the Vietnamese market, Bodog is a well-deserved house, and growth in the future is inevitable.

Instructions to play football betting at M88 online casino

This article will guide you to play football betting in M88 in detail for players. Here are the instructions on how to wager the football at the M88 online casino and how to view the football handicap and how to distinguish M88’s football betting types. Please follow this article.

Step 1: Players must create an online betting account at M88

After accessing the link to M88 players, please see how to register M88 to make your account registration at this Malaysia online casino.

Step 2: Players need to deposit money into their M88 account

After the player has successfully registered for an account, recharge your account. The M88 bookie supports the banking systems in Malaysia so that the deposit will be quick about 5 minutes to have money in the account for players to book.

After the player has successfully registered for an account, recharge your account

Now players just have to play football at the M88 online casino. Please read carefully the steps of the M88 game instructions to avoid encountering unexpected problems.

Step 3: Players need to refer to football reviews and football tips

This is an important step if you are just taking part in online football betting. Our website specializes in providing in-depth analytical reviews about the big and small matches happening every day that players can read and read more.

Also should refer to football tips because tips are locked from the analysis as well as comments from football experts. Tips will sell for a high price but our website will provide free quality football tips for players.

Step 4: Place bets at the M88 dealer

On the home page of the M88 dealer, players should click [Sports] on the menu. The sports betting interface will appear on the new window of the M88 dealer website. To place bets on today’s football matches, menu row on the left-hand side, click [Today] >> [Football].

M88 offers players the method of withdrawing Local Bank Transfer

On the Menu bar in today’s matches, click to select the time [All] to get the full odds of the matches taking place today or according to the time required by the player. Players select today’s football matches to place bets.

Players just have to wait for the match result, if they win, they will be able to withdraw money to their account. To withdraw money, players just need to transfer their accounts from other funds to the main account.

M88 offers players the method of withdrawing Local Bank Transfer. Players can choose from multiple banks to withdraw money or can use the bank account registered in the deposit box of the dealer.

The easiest guide to playing poker in online casino

Are you a beginner to online poker and are you worried about how to play it? Don’t know when to withdraw when to continue? This article will guide you to play poker online in the most detailed way.

How to play Poker in an online casino?

First of all, a player must always remember that if you are not good at poker when playing on a 6-player table your chances of winning are very low. The number of hands they follow is only 30% of the hands in the table.

This makes sense because with 6 players the odds for you to have the best hand are only ⅙, so you should temporarily withdraw in hands where your hand is too weak and focus on new hands.

2-5 or 5-8 or 9-8

You should withdraw from the beginning. This is considered the lowest hand in poker, and if two cards are not of the same color, it is almost 98% you will lose.

If you have the same color, if you are extremely lucky you will have a very small uniformity and that way your win rate is not very high (below 50%). These cards cannot form straight and make too small pairs, retreating is the safest way.

3-7 & 2-6

These games, expecting to have a straight, are also very difficult to retreat.

3-9 & 4-9 & 2-9 & 5-9

Up to you, they are very good cards especially when they don’t have the same color. They can make an average pair of 9s, but it’s not very helpful. Should only play 5-9 when the same color, and not too risky in that game.


There is a pair of K or 1 A and a low card (not of the same color): It should not be considered a strong hand either, so your chances of winning are only hoping not to lose if you have a strong card like the other card. your. And when you even have a strong pair, your chances of winning are slim.

An Aces, K Pair, Q Pair, J Pair

Your chances of winning have come, your chances of winning are quite large when you have cards like this. show cards that do not have any stronger cards than you.

Above is a basic guide to playing online poker in Malaysia online casino. Good luck!

How are the odds and other services at Dafabet online casino?

Online casino playing is a betting method that is most popular among players, not only for those who love to gamble but also a great way to entertain and relax their minds.

Dafabet Casino is a big betting brand in the world, this is a combination of science and technology. At Dafabet casino, players only need 1 computer or a mobile phone with an internet connection to easily participate in an online betting game.

Dafabet has been around for 10 years in online gambling service and sports betting. The services of this bookmaker offer a wide variety including Malaysia online casino, mahjong, poker, lottery…

Dafabet truly offers a true Macau online betting experience with games shot directly from the scene. The charming Asian and European dealer girls are always ready to serve the Baccarat, Blackjack, and turntables regardless of day and night.

The odds at the Dafabet house

Dafabet is a brand of online sports bookmakers and online casinos in the Asian market that offer outstanding sports odds in addition to many large and small tournaments around the world.

There are over 5,000 soccer matches, big and small, at Dafabet Sports house every week, along with dozens of other exciting online betting sports such as boxing betting, athletics betting, basketball, tennis…

Besides, the betting house Dafabet also introduces more new Malaysia online casino and Poker games with lots of promotions and very attractive gifts.

Dafabet is currently the official sponsor and partner for Everton and Aston Villa in the Premier League. Also, Dafabet is involved in sponsoring a variety of Sports, Entertainment, Casino, and Poker events around the world.

New member deals and other promotions at the Dafabet bookie

We can objectively comment that the bookmaker Dafabet offers, organizes very diverse promotions on products that are very separate from some of the other reputable bookmakers today. New continuously updated, especially lucky draw according to the event, with extremely generous prizes, high return up to 4.88%.

With our customer care staff working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, Dafabet’s staff are well trained with a friendly and enthusiastic customer service attitude. make sure to solve all difficulties and questions of customers quickly, politely, and effectively.

The mission of the Dafabet dealer is to provide players with more information, online betting advice, creating the best service environment for everyone. If you have any comments, you can quickly contact them by phone directly or via email.

Reasons why W88 online casino is the best choice for betting players

As a follower of betting games, you will certainly not be familiar with the W88 online casino. This is one of the leading online play destinations at the top of the prestigious house in Asia and Malaysia. If you do not have much information about W88, follow the following article.

General introduction about the W88 dealer

W88 is the name that many experts evaluate and consider as one of the reputable online betting sites in the Asian market, including Malaysia. Currently, W88 is in the process of developing and expanding its scale to many countries in the region. Although still in the early stages of operation, this house has received a lot of attention and support from betting enthusiasts.

It can be said that W88 is the leading house in the pioneer list that has brought online betting to the Malaysia market. The house is under the control of the Philippine Government. In addition, the house has an operating license of First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation (CEZA).

In the Philippines, the gambling and gambling services industry has been around for a long time and they are fully permitted by the Government to operate as an industry. This confirms W88 is a safe and prestigious address for players to choose from. Because the house is also on the list of allowed to operate seriously, under the control of the Government.

Besides the lottery, sports betting is also an outstanding product when you come to W88.

As a big dealer, the goal of this Malaysia online casino is to bring players the highest value. Therefore, the house always upholds and ensures the quality of customer service. All W88 fan pages are named home page for players to easily identify and avoid fraudulent addresses.

All information and questions about the products, promotions, how to play customers are cared for by the staff, dedicated, thoughtful advice. Especially with 24/7 operating time, you can contact any company does for assistance.

Beautiful and vivid interface

The interface of W88 online casino is also rated in today’s top. Designed by leading graphic experts in the world, the website has beautiful and vivid images. Especially the content is presented scientifically and easy to use. Even if you are new, you will not encounter any difficulties.


Above is a summary of information about the W88 dealer. As a prominent betting address, the reputation on the W88 market is always confident to bring players the best experience and leisure time. We hope the above information is useful and helps you to make an accurate choice when participating in online gambling.

2 ways to play Baccarat cards online with the highest winning rates (Part 2)

Play Baccarat online using the folding method

This is one of the new ways to play Baccarat online, it can be very profitable. Players will take small to bet big, but if you lose, you need to be patient to wait for the opportunity to bet big.

Players can apply a series of double bets, you should initially bet with a bet of 1, after winning the bet you continue to bet 1, but if you lose, you bet 2, if you lose The next bet will bet 4, if it still loses then bet 8 and so on until you win.

Parallel betting techniques

The simultaneous betting method is a fairly common technique, used by everyone when playing Baccarat but has a lot of points to overcome than folding.

The differences between simultaneous betting and folding betting method when playing baccarat.

Suppose using the bet method simultaneously and proceeding to play 10 games, suppose that if you win 7 games and lose 3 games then you will win money, if you win 3 games and lose 7 games then you will lose money.

If you use the fold bet, even if you win 3 games and lose 7 matches, we still win money.

Because of the difference in progress, players often prefer to use the fold bet to play Baccarat online. In addition, it often comes with a lot of risk. Need to know control and control, overcome victory and loss in the game, so then everything is more convenient.

Above are some techniques used by players to win when playing Baccarat as well as online gambling for real money, you should apply to play gambling more effectively.

Absolutely follow the Baccarat winning method as above, only bet when the probability of Player and Banker is good, this is only achieved when you have 10 or more winning games, at this time you know the rules best post. Good luck!

2 ways to play Baccarat with the highest win rates (Part 1)

Playing Baccarat is a very familiar game for most players participating in betting. It is usually not too dependent on the factors of luck, most of which is using your intellect to win.

Baccarat is basically a simple prediction game. In the two-card game – Your child chooses to bet on a bet that he or she will win. In short, it is a bet on the door that has the closest score to 9.

If the winning hand is determined based on its total points, then there are several strategies based on the heads. However, its hard side is that when you get over 10 points, the second digit will cause difficulties when you predict.

In order to capture this captivating game, here we will help you to see the attraction of baccarat as ways to win yourself against baccarat.

Winning or losing rate when playing Baccarat online

Baccarat is a type of card game that is enjoyed by many players in most casinos, each betting player captures a strategy and tactics for themselves, no one has the same playing style. Today, playing Baccarat online without preparation is very easy to lose, but also those who play easy baccarat will usually win. So have you ever wondered why this is so or not?

As you know, Baccarat always has two doors: Player and Banker, the player places one of the two doors, the one with the higher score wins. Theoretically 5 – 5 (50-50). Winning or losing depends largely on the judgment of each person. Being a gambler playing baccarat online for real money, everyone is very confident in themselves and rarely hears sincere advice from other players.

This article will introduce you to the Baccarat gambling strategy with a winning rate of up to 80% of the reputable online casino members in the world today.

How to play Baccarat effectively

As you know, every game in Malaysia online casino has completely different gambling calculations and each technique will bring different effect. In Baccarat online similar, players also need to catch up well and apply the betting techniques to have the highest chance of winning.

Instructions on how to play Baccarat at M88

Baccarat game is like a 3-card scratch card in Malaysia. There are 3 doors to place a bet: Banker door (house door), Player door (player’s door), Tie door (tie door).

However, the Tie door is very difficult to win, so you have such a high payout rate, you must be an experienced player to know how to judge and bet the Tie door successfully, as a new player, you should bet. Banker or Player for sure.

The rules of Baccarat at M88 are also very simple

When you place a bet on one of the three doors and then press the confirm button, the Dealer will start dealing. The side with the higher score wins it, the sum of 9 points is the biggest score. If the total score is greater than 9, the scores will be dozens and only the unit line will be used to compare the score.


You get a total of 14 points, you will remove the number 1 (dozens) and take the number 4 (row units) as the total score. So you will get 4 points.

If both of the two points match the tie then you break even, in this case if you bet on Tie (the tie), you will be rich.

How to withdraw money at M88 online casino when winning bets

Log in to the M88 online casino, then select Cashier, 1 window is opened and you see your money is being saved in funds including Sports, Casino, ilotto, Poker… You make all funds transferred to the “account main “because the money withdrawn at M88 is only calculated at the main account fund.

Continue to select the Withdrawal box and select LocalBank Transfer

Fill in the information as shown above and click on the confirmation button and wait for 1-4h for the money to arrive in your account. As soon as the money is deposited into your bank account, you will receive a notification email from the M88 dealer. But these are basic parameters, you will get money from this Malaysia online casino very fast, even about 30 minutes will have money.

Thus, the article has detailed instructions on how to play real money online at the house M88. If during the game, there are any questions, please immediately contact the online support staff of M88 to be get help. Good luck!

Secret tips for football betting

With any game, it also contains its own secrets, of course, online football betting is no exception. And half the fact that not all customers know the secrets well. Because the Malaysia online casino absolutely will never reveal it to customers because of course they do not want to lose in the betting battle. I’ll share with you some of the house’s secrets so you can play better.

Do not assume that you will definitely win

It is a fairly easy point to notice but not every football betting customer knows and resists the fascinating temptations that the betting house of the football player launched.

Suppose if that team were being considered as a good candidate for the championship, they would fight with another fairly normal team. The odds offered by the house will be quite large. The final result will not be exactly the same as the prediction because in many situations, the stronger team also loses.

Do not keep chasing a bet forever

When participating in playing online football betting, it is best to follow a lot of different bets, then choose a market that you feel is most confident. Or in a match with quite a lot of markets, be wise to choose the best deal compared to the remaining markets.

Choose less then the chance of winning will be enhanced

With a football betting match, it is best to choose between 1 and 2 rafters is okay, do not be too greedy to choose from 3 to 4 markets. Because according to the statistics on the house of football betting, the less you choose the lesser the customer will lose less money.

Do not play online football betting with bad mood

There are countless betting customers who often decide to place a bet based on how they feel because they like a particular team or have a good impression, especially for a certain player. Playing online football betting this way will sometimes win, but that is not a good method that customers who play betting should apply.

Playing football betting is very necessary depending on the mind, the experience, but if playing under the temporary feelings, it will be very easy to lose the bet, leading to a state of misery.


With the secret of the football house that I shared, I hope that everyone can know more and find a way to win the house. Good luck!